Mystic Girl in the City: Freedom and Peace in the Modern World

“You can trust this. Trust this day, this moment, this breath. You can drop the big story, letting it all unfold as it will, quietly stepping out of the way.”

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Tools for Sanity

Kiran outlines four tools we can all access at any moment that can lead us directly to a personal liberation. The new book and series of guided meditations is now available.

Private Sessions + Classes

Transforming Pain to Peace

Two opportunities to work privately with Kiran to transform and heal: a unique eight-week class, A Perfect Peace, and private sessions with Kiran.

“A fresh voice among so many sound-alikes.”

“Kiran first-handedly knows both the subtleties as well as the monstrosities of what a sudden awakening can bring along. Her guidance is not based on books and hearsay but on actual ongoing experience. The sentence here applies: ‘She’s been there and done that.’”
Bentinho Massaro

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