Kiran: Author + Spiritual Teacher

At the age of 33 I died. I died into a bliss. In a moment, sitting on the bed, changing shoes for a date, and suddenly I was gone. A spontaneous and complete awakening into true nature, it later became known as. Three days later when this spaciousness that used to be my body found that body, it wrote, "Such a strange death this is, a suicide, I have died into bliss."

And thus began the process of learning how to live the bliss. How to live without identification, how to live primarily as space. Its not at all what you think... To be suddenly thrust into life with no identity, timelessness and pure unfiltered reality. A beautiful and oddly chaotic, often painful, period of transformation and healing.

Because I spontaneously awoke, with no prior spiritual background, orientation or understanding, I have a unique point of view. Folks often call my teachings “fresh” because I don’t have any spiritual language or linage I am pointing to. I see primarily from vast stillness and I embody "the world" from an "inside- outside" point of view. I see the coding of the universe in order to see the universe, its very “matrix” like.

Because of this vantage point, I can see where pain and suffering is sourcing in us, and can read the unique and deep seated patterns in each individual, shedding clarity on how to unwind the pain back into peace. I read into the deeper patterns of your system and show you how to transform your habitual painful patterns, identify your personal rhythms, and embody ease, peace and ultimately stillness. Peace, freedom and fulfillment is always available to each of us, its enlightenment that is optional. At the request and or encouragement of Moni Vangolen, Thomas Stubbs, Bentinho Massaro, Adyashanti, and others, I began to talk and teach.

Listen to Kiran being interviewed by the lovely Alana Sheeren:
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Currently I offer private sessions to work with individuals one on one.

I offer a monthly class to help assist in embodying more ease and authenticity in the world.

I offer a monthly meditation and talk in Bay and Central California.

I give public talks when invited, and I am in process of writing a new book and publishing more meditations.

Feel free to send me an e-mail: mysticgirlinthecity@gmail.com.

I'm also on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.