Thursday, August 27, 2015

How to Get Clear of Confusion!

Nobody likes to feel confused. Overwhelmed, sticky fear in your gut, feeling of growing panic that you need to know something...Yah, that sucks!

But how do you find clarity when you're miles away from anything that feels clear?!

It might be helpful to know that confusion always represents a split between the head and the heart. Confusion is simply the sensation of that split. And the best solution is to figure out what represents the head and then what represents the heart. But perhaps that is easier said than done? Because saying "listen to the heart" is really vague. It could mean your intuition, also kind of vague. It could mean your conditioning of dysfunction that has you attracted to your emotionally unavailable friend, but you just love them so much, and that sure feels like your heart! It could mean any number of things. What does "listen to your heart" really mean? I use a gauge of sensation, the sensation of an exhale, but really connected and alive. I say look for that sensation, that is most likely your heart. And that represents much more clarity than a limited, or achy, or tight, or contracted sensation, which usually represents the head.

Check out this weeks video on the channel and I hope you'll find some great tools for that sticky or overwhelming confusion!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Common Pitfalls of Spiritual Awakening

     It's fun for me to talk about all the pitfalls of this amazing journey, Awakening, and these are just a few of the many we could address!
Check out the video below, and I would love to hear your stories of falling into the pitfalls! We all do it, and we all want to laugh about it.
(Share your story in the comments section at the end of the video!)

#1) Getting lost in Transcendence.
It's so easy to get lost in transcendence, but the point of stillness is the forms of your life! Without a connection to spirit/life/source the forms are empty, but without form spirit is empty.

#2)Thinking you will have special spiritual powers.
Who is that little bit of "me" that wants to be special, who is going to have extra special spiritual powers? That me can make a whole lot of trouble.

#3) Thinking you've messed up because you experience intense feelings.
Intense feelings are not a sign that you have messed up your awakening. Awakening brings you into intense "aliveness", not a static feeling of "happiness".

#4) Thinking something is wrong because it's getting so weird and intense.
Awakening is a very intense ride. The teachers rarely speak about this...but they all know it!

#5) Unsolicited Advice
Warning! Unsolicited advice is so easy to give, but it's not going to benefit anyone. Wait until they ask you directly. ( And feel free to ask them!)

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Letting Go and Other Impossible Tasks

You know that thing you want?
The one thing you want the most?

The one thing that no matter what you do, you just can't seem to get? No matter how much Byron Katie, and law of attraction and letting go, and surrendering, and endless hours of listening to gurus, spiritual guides, interviews, books....

That illusive goal, that even when you go under it, and over it , and through it, and behind it.... That thing that keeps hurting because the wanting doesn't go away and you never seem to get it.
You know that thing?

Well, the reason you can't get it, is because of the deep grasp.  The grasp, that the above longing and seeking, illustrates. That deep tension and grasp is actually what keeps it at bay, just out of reach. Because, like the same charge on magnet ends, positive and positive repel each other, they don't attract to each other. That is what the grasp is on a quantum level, an extra level of charge that creates a repelling force. The deep grasp actually repels that thing you desire.

Okay, so how do we let go of the grasp, the extra repelling force? "To make a wish come true, you need to let it go", it seems like such a simple thing and yet for this longing, this hearts desire, its just doesn't seem to go away, you try to let it go, and it pops back up again. And how many times have you heard this, "just let it go".  Ha! Wouldn't that be great, to just let it go, how much would you love for that to happen. Once you get old enough and notice this longing doesn't end, you would be just as happy to let it go as have it. Either way would be great, you just want peace anyway!

But how can you possibly let this deep hearts grasp go?  How exactly is that going to happen? 

Well, the first thing we need to do is actually like unplugging the power that is fueling the grasp.
The power source that is fueling the Mego. Me (separate self identity)+ego (armoring around wounds)=Mego.

Or even simpler, mego is really just a deep pool of beliefs, usually limiting beliefs, like, "I can't be loved" or "I'm not truly valuable" or "If you really got to know me, you would leave me."
Those ones.
So step one is that the mego needs to be seen, really truly seen to get unplugged. You just need to see it.
Look directly at that belief instead of what the belief is saying. That is the first step.

Unplug it and the power starts to drain...

No power fueling the grasp...not such a powerful grasp.

Less grasp, less deep tension creating the charge ( Like on the end of the magnet).

So, lets find the Mego....

Try this....What is the worst case scenario...what is the wost thing that can happen if you don't get that thing...if you never taste God again? Not one drop of  bliss again?  Or say you never find that love, or you never make a ton of money? Whats the worst? Absolute worst?

Now look...really, really deeply....WHO is actually harmed if this worst case scenario unfolds?

Is source going to have a problem if it never gets enlightened?
Is God going to die if it never wakes up to pure reality?
Is love itself going to kill itself if it never falls in love?
Is silence going to suffer if it doesn't get that dream house,or dream bank account?


The only one who is going to hurt is Mego. Is the identified beliefs, the one who feels unlovable is grasping for love, the one who feels unworthy is grasping for power and respect.  That is who is grasping. That is who is creating the massive tension.

Its not about giving up these dreams, This is not a "let go of all desires" sermon. Desire is an amazing creative force, your hearts wishes are beautiful seeds of creative intent, especially if they are deeply aligned, full of life, and pulsating with a delicious yummy yes. This is a story about letting go of the grasp,the repelling force behind it all, keeping the manifestation just out of your reach. Always just out of your reach.

You need to unplug the power that is fueling the grasp.  Seeing the devil behind it all. Truly seeing it! Not knowing it, or hearing me tell you it, or reading all about it....but by actually taking a deep look yourself.

The awareness, actually seeing for yourself the puppet master who is creating this grasp. That's where and how the whole grasps begins to lets itself go.


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Friday, April 24, 2015

The Path



If you want to live in the light and grace, then its all about Yes.  But saying yes to the internal movements of you!  Which means much less yes to the external movements of the world....

Otherwise you are resisting yourself. That is a huge barrier, a big armoring blocking out your light. Blocking your awareness. Blocking your right action. Blocking your true freedom.

But after so many years of self repression, what is it to hear those internal movements? what is it to speak and stand in them?  What is it to actually heal the deep wounds that are there?

Primarily its awareness, noticing you. Its a willingness to hear your own heart.

Secondarily its using that awareness to heal your wounding. Understanding that none of us are without those wounds. Those wounds are barriers to the light, they are the armoring that blocks out your truth.

Thirdly its learning to speak the words that express you... We have to learn how to speak, how to speak so that our words reflect our heart.  We can't underestimate the value and importance of this.

Finally its actually talking a stand. Integrity. Standing in the position that expresses your right action.

That is the pathway towards living the awareness, living the being of light that you are. Embodying the truth that we all are.

There is no magic bliss moment that suddenly in a flash of brightness this process magically aligns, and you are fully embodied in truth, and magically all your wounding has healed. No magic that  suddenly all the communication you need springs forth, and you utter words of truth and only truth. And also suddenly, magically, you stand in right action.  That crazy illusion that gets held up as "ENLIGHTENMENT", sadly is not at all what happens, ever....not to the Buddha, not to Adayashanti, not to Jesus, not to Byron Katie, or Eckhart...nope, it doesn't work like that.

We can suddenly in a moment glimpse or even become this silence of our true self, and the veils drop. Or a moment can arrive and it seems for a short "honeymoon" period to be simple. But it will end and this pathway will need to be walked.  After enlightenment we still need to heal. And you don't need to have this glimpse or great dissolve, or honeymoon of bliss, because eventually walking this pathway, all the veils drop anyway.

The bliss, the light, the taste of God, is right here, in your heart now. You just need to hear it, heal the armoring that blocks it, communicate it, stand in it, and be it.

There is nowhere to go, there is only an your authentic light and freedom, the bliss of your true nature can emerge.

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Monday, March 30, 2015

Easter Without The Religion

5 way to celebrate a meaningful Easter without religion.

Usually Easter is considered a religious holiday, but most folks get time off and plan activities with friends and family regardless of whether or not they are religious. And there is no reason to sit around and watch the kids look for chocolate eggs while you squirm because your not really sure what you are actually celebrating- other then chocolate of course, which is kind of worth the celebration.

Easter is a celebration of Jesus and his hard times at the end, sure, but its also a traditional celebration of new life and new beginnings. It coincides with Spring Equinox, and there are some really great ways to honor this time of year without lamenting Mary or Jesus's misfortunes.

See the full article here:

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The real truth about freedom!
And why you might like to spend a weekend with me....


The bulk of my practice is working one on one with folks, because I love to find where the pain is sourcing in you and help you root it out. I don't love the "Satsang" format because those 5 or 10 minute questions and answers don't get deep enough for me. I hate it when you can't walk away with your hands right around a tangible solution, or insight. 

And at its heart, intimacy is what is required to live a life of fulfillment and joy. Authenticity is how you get there.  And this is really, really, really hard to do. It means having the awareness to find the right action for yourself in each moment, then finding the courage to express your truth in a compassionate way. We often have to do this up against the tide of others folks "busy-iness" or "overwhelmed" or your projections of what is expected of you, or projections of what others expect of you.

To stand up for your voice, your right action, finding what I call your "delicious yes", either by expressing it, or just being/doing it, and then to butt up against that huge wave internally of "I'm not good enough, my voice doesn't matter, no one loves me", and other painful core patters, is really freaking hard.

But that is the practice, that is why you invest a lot of your time, money, frustration, sweat and tears.  And if you have had good discernment about your practice and your teachers, you have seen some results. The changes, the breakthroughs, the massive Ahhhs! The tears of gratitude, and hopefully, the freedom. Little cracks in your habitual patterns that start to shine freedom through out your world. And those cracks get bigger and bigger, and the freedom and ease is tangible.

If you haven't had some of that cracking happening for you, well its worth knowing that it's available, it's your birthright, your true nature is one of deep peace and ease. And you don't need enlightenment to access what you are. You need awareness and tools for how to unwind the pain - devotion, good tools, and good maps.

That is why I do the weekend mastery. So you can have results, so we can connect personally, so we have a condensed period of time together, so you can watch how your patterns move, so you can sort out the freedom from the pain. So we can chart a personal map that fits you.  So, you can support your stillness, so you can find the clarity you will need.  So you can drop your obligations and busy plans, and find ease, rest and be nourished in the beauty and comfort of a sacred space. So you can be encouraged constantly to drop into your authenticity and to follow it for a condensed period of time.

 Straightup, that is what its all about, that is some of the reasons you want to consider spending a weekend with me.

Registration and details for Kiran's Mastery Workshops: CLICK HERE

Monday, December 29, 2014

The Light Returns.

The light returns and new year begins....

There is a spaciousness that presupposes all form. We all know this from Grade 6 science. You don't need to be Awake to know that the table in front of you is made up of atoms. Atoms, which if broken down contain an electron that spins around the nucleus at such velocity that there is huge space between it and the proton. And science tells us the space inside of all form from these moving electrons is greater than the space of our galaxies. There is more space in our universe than form. Grade 6 science text.
Those of us that have woken up can tell you the properties of this space documented through the ages and never argued regardless of the personalities...Jesus, Buddha, Confucius. It’s called the Tao, the Self, the Christ, the big I, Oneness, Presence, and many other names.  It is a deep primordial peace, profound well being, vast limitless potential of bliss in this one and only moment.
So, that wall, that appears as a solid structure in front of you is an illusion.  A beautiful illusion, part of the matrix of many, many illusions that include walls, and the illusion that you are a separate seeming human, and  more layers of psychological stories. Beautiful, profound, glorious illusions. Wonderful, and essential aspects of moving space.
Fear is part of those illusions, woven deep in the matrix of forms. And fear is a profoundly seductive and clever storyteller, spinning stories and images all day long. Yap... Yap... Yap...Yapping all over, all day long.

Fear uses the illusion of time, past and future, to speak of beginnings and endings  You are welcome to be entranced with these story's, BUT you are also welcome to see through this illusion and rest in the deep primordial peace that is, in reality, all that is. This profound well being is your birthright, and is in fact, an inevitable movement. Profound wholeness is here, and is the only true reality here. There is only one moment of profound bliss in reality. And reality eventually always trumps illusion.

The focus of most of my teachings is in helping you to unhook those deep entrancing stories. I know and understand very well, that this is not "effortless" nor without challenge and pain. That changing horses can be extraordinarily uncomfortable and hard and painful, and tricky. And that is my unique offering, assistance through the very challenging and muddy ground, carving the pathway for you anyway, because, and regardless, your birth right  is deep profound wholeness. My mission is to help illustrate that you can, will, and are able, to get there.
And so, you can play with this fear by lingering on the scary stories and images, transfixed by the certainty of it, spreading the word of it. Or you can see the root illusion, see that fear is behind it, and instead, change horses.

Either way, for now and ever, this one moment of primordial peace will remain undisturbed. Regardless of the illusion of a year ending and new one beginning.

I wish you a beautiful New Year illusion and invite you to come and join us this year in any or all the offerings we cook up at MGC headquarters.
Much Love,